Show dates October 11-14, 2023

Indoor Arena

Raleigh, NC

Judge: Emma Caruso


Prize List

Entry Blank



TRAFFIC ALERT!!  The PNC Arena announced Travis Scott will be in concert on Friday, October 13th. Tickets sold out quickly and a 2nd date was added on Saturday, October 14th. Our evening shows start at 6pm, which means we will be returning to the show during a bad traffic time for the concert and the Fair. Last year, without a concert, the City shut down traffic on Trinity Rd. Traffic will be a total nightmare on those nights and we wanted to make sure you knew about it as soon as we did.  We will pass along any updates as they become available.



Two (2) wristbands and one (1) parking pass will be given for each back number issued.  Additional parking passes and wristbands may be purchased from the Show Office @ $15/parking pass and $13/wristband.  These purchases are non-refundable/non-returnable.


CLASS 12 moved to follow Class 22 on Wednesday Evening

CLASS 64 moved to follow Class 75.1 on Friday Evening


14.1 - Snaffle Bit WTC Open - will be the last class on Wednesday Morning

15.1 - Fine Harness - Open To Any Breed - will be the 1st class on Wednesday Evening

59.1 - Snaffle Bit WTC CHAMPIONSHIP - Open = will be the 1st class on Friday Morning

74.1 - ASB Three Gaited Country Pleasure CHAMPIONSHIP - Limit Rider

75.1 - Fine Harness CHAMPIONSHIP - Open To Any Breed - will follow Class 75 on Friday Evening

130.1 - Hackney Harness Pony CHAMPIONSHIP-Amateur - will be the 1st class on Saturday Evening


128.1 - Exceptional WT Equitation

128.2 - Exceptional WT Showmanship

128.3 - Exceptional Equitation - Walk Only

128.4 - Exceptional Showmanship - Walk Only


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Contact show manager, Liz Holmes


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